parisCherish YumiZ studio is a place you can feel at home and relax. We treat our customers as friends, and for our friends, only the best would do.

《珍爱优美》面部护理屋是一个让你感觉像在家里, 能够放松的地方。 我们像朋友一样对待我们的客户。我们只给朋友最好的一切。

Yumi Zeng has a diploma in massage therapy and many years of beauty treatment experience. She has worked in several prominent beauty salons before being encouraged by her customers to start her own shop. She holds dear to the belief that customers are friends, and she wants her shop to be a place where friends can come to visit, sip tea and chitchat. Friends come for treatment and stay or leave just like at their own home.

Yumi有相关工作的文凭与按摩疗法在新加坡多年的工作经验。 在大型美容院工作多年,客户鼓励她自己创业。酝酿多年她抱着客户是朋友的信仰,希望这间店是一个温馨舒适,同时可以提升肌肤光泽漂亮的地方,闲暇时候朋友们可以来坐坐,喝杯茶,放松谈话,选择一些适合自己皮肤、身体的项目享受疗程。


Yumi has chosen Christian Breton from Paris, France as the product to use in the shop. She believes in the product and it is something that she would use on herself. There is no substitution product. Product safety is of utmost importance to Yumi.