Acne 暗疮粉刺护理


Acne 暗疮粉刺护理

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. It can have profound social and psychological effects 痤疮是最常见的皮肤病之一。它可以产生深刻的社会和心理影响

Moisture is a basic essential for all skin types. Hydrated skin not only looks good and feels great, it normalises the functions of the skin. This treatment not only hydrates the skin but also lifts and firms muscle tone making you look younger after a series of treatments.


This treatment uses the cutting-edge technology of very high speed, low frequency ultrasonic wave that radiate invisible micro vibrations deep within the cells, helping stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanism in distinct ways. It also incorporates the use of different types of colour lights to combat different skin conditions.

Matifying Facial for Acne Skin 暗疮护理

75 Min / S$80

1st Trial / S$50

  • In-depth skin cleansing 深层清洁皮肤
  • Closes pores and restoration of delicacy skin 缩小毛孔,使皮肤细致
  • Brightens up skin complexion 使皮肤面色光亮

Scrubber with Light Therapy for Acne 用光疗法治疗痤疮

45 min / S$55

Colour photon & ultrasonic beauty treatment 彩色光子和超声波美容治疗

45 min / $55